this was done with a purpose.

Where to begin?

With some disclaimers. I am neither liberal nor conservative, and I am not LGBTQ. If you don't believe, me, bring your sister over and watch while I **** her.

This article states, "A question we might ask ourselves before replacing an American flag with an ideological symbol is this: What did these men and women die for? Certainly not for the anti-American movement the LGBT pride flag now stands for."

Seriously? The author is so retarded that he doesn't understand that BOTH flags are quite literally ideological symbols?

Regardless of what they mean, this is just objective fact.

The author has no idea what the service people may have died for. Chances are, though, they fought for the hope of eventually living in a nation where NO ONE would be persecuted.

Is the rainbow flag "anti-American", as this writer claims?

Well, if you take into consideration the imperialism, aggression, discrimination, greed, fraud and injustice that the American flag has flown over in many instances, I suppose you can make a case for the idea that the premise of the rainbow flag (that tolerance was the founding principle of America) is somehow "anti-American".

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One of my granduncles was a WW2 combat veteran. After the war, he and his battle buddy married.
A local Justice of the the Peace presided.
They are buried together in the graveyard of the small hill town where they lived in western MA.
I doubt the uncle Gerald or step uncle Forrest would be in favor of "Gay Pride."