Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it


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One Wonders WHY Jews Supported Democrats
And continue to support Democrats.

I mean I get it - cognitive dissonance is a thing. But at what point do you go, "Wait a minute....."?

I've often looked back at the Holocaust and wondered how people could stay silent and allow it to happen. And now we're seeing it in our own time, up close and personal.....and I still don't understand. I'd like to have a discussion with a Leftist who supports this fascism and have them explain to me what exactly they're thinking, but every time I've tried I get denials and revisionist history. Even when I show them proof, they still go, "Nuh uh, Fox News made that up."

So perhaps the reason is as simple as they're batshit crazy and easily controlled by their cult leaders.


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NY is going after Orthodox Jews. The majority of American Jews are Reformed. I'm guessing they don't really care about Orthodox Jews. :sshrug: