Three St. Mary’s County Family Members Facing Federal Charges For Stealing Over $820,000 In V.A. Benefits Fraud Scheme

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Wow. :faint:
Wow, indeed!


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I wonder how the falsely accused is doing?

"Farr received a service-connected disability rating of 70% based on fraudulent documentation she submitted, which purported that she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder from an incident in which she was raped by another serviceman. Farr admitted to local law enforcement to fabricating the incident."


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I commented anger and disgust :)
I don't think they should be sent to prison, that's too good for them.
Instead they should have to face real combat veterans who are fight with the VA to get treatment for real medical problems received from military service - age is not a factor.

Something tells me they would not be walking out of the room.


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What makes this so aggravating is the fact that there are folks with multiple tours in conflict areas who have real service related disabilities yet have to fight the VA at every corner. And then you have these criminals who barely made it past in-processing who turn it into a lifelong rent payment. Disgusting.