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Please check your pets for ticks - found one yesterday on my dog's nose. Isn't this a little too early for them?


Hard to believe with the cold winter we've had. Not saying I don't believe you, but the ticks are getting resilient.


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I was thinking the same thing Vince. All this cold weather should have killed them....I found a stink bug, I thought they would be extinct now too, but guess not. :(


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Cold weather doesn't kill them... it just slows down their metabolism. .
any warm weather will get them moving again.

They have been out for over a week.... YEAH!!!!!!!


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I hope the cold weather has slowed down the fleas then! I would have thought it would reduce the tick population too, but what do I know?


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Southern Maryland has no chance of ever slowing the Ticks down, if they can survive a 6-8 month HEAVY/FREEZING winter in michigan, they can survive here. I was surprised to see them this early as well, found 2 on me the other day.