Tipping at Hair Salon


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I've only had one really bad haircut - at an Ulta in Scranton, of all places. I tipped her zero on that mess and it cost me $50 in Indianapolis to get it fixed.
Good on you for making that stand. I've had several, tipped them anyway, then bitched to myself all the way home about why in the hell I was tipping someone for a perfectly horrible haircut. I have a bad habit of doing what's expected.


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I got my hair cut on Thursday. It was $55.00 and I gave the stylist a twenty dollar tip. I called back the next day to ask them if I could have the bangs trimmed just a little bit more and they said sure - no charge for that.

Am I required to tip her again? I'm having two thoughts on the subject; the first being yes of course you should. My second - she said before I left that she may have left my bangs and top a little too long because my hair is naturally curly and she didn't want to go too short. I feel like I tipped her fairly the first time and now I have to go back, a round trip of 44 miles for a probably less then two minute trim.

As others have said, I wouldn't tip her again.