To All of You Vets


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I will never forget the first time I heard Taps at Arlington.
It will always make me tear up whenever I hear it.
Rest in peace Buddy.
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Thank You DoWhat, It was 50 years ago this year that I went into the Army only served 3 years, but as you grow older at least with me you feel prouder that you did serve your country. Especially at events like concerts and shows in Myrtle Beach when they ask all current military and veteran's to stand up.


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I appreciate the sentiment.
Please continue to build Community that I can be proud I served.


Thank you to all who served (or supported those who did). I know there are many here. I've spoken of it before on this board (likely this time last year), but I had the honor of spending a couple of years working inside Arlington National Cemetery. Some of those memories are surreal. Some of downright agonizing but beautiful none the less. A very impressive place and I encourage anyone who has never been to spend some time walking the grounds. You truly get an appreciation for those who've placed their lives in service for the benefit of others and some who have paid everything (or lost everything) for that choice. Some of the images/memories are haunting and powerful.