Too much hype by all of the Weather people


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The Weather Forecasters are hyping this latest Tropical Storm as having some major beach erosion. So far, I haven't seen it. I haven't seen the flooding rain either. In fact, what rain we have had so far is very beneficial. In fact, we can use more of it. It looks like the rain will stop in the morning on Sunday for our area. Probably the early morning. The lighter showers is able to soak in to the ground as opposed to heavier rain which would be more prone to run off. Even if we got the two to four inches of rain, it would be mainly good news for our area. Unless what is left of the core comes right over top of us, I doubt we will get any major rain. As usual, too much hype. One day the Weather "Professionals" will cry wolf again. And people will ignore them. I have learned to ignore them already. I look at the radar and the track of the storms and make my own prediction. So far, I seem to be more accurate than they are. I guess it can change. But, it hasn't so far.

I think we will get perhaps another two to three inches on the high side, if that. I think the storm surge, "if any" at time of high tide, around 9 PM for Point Lookout will be manageable. Nothing significant as the Weather "Professionals" predict. If we have any storm surge, it will be closer to a foot or two. If that.


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Just left SALT. Half drunk. Got my feet wet going to truck. 6” of water in parking lot from high tide.


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I always wonder if the forecasters hyperventilate, in addition to pump ratings, is because they know there are so many morons out there who just have to go out and see what's going on and they want to scare people enough they'll stay put.


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Just checked the weather gauge. 1.44" of rain in 24 hours, 2.5" in 48 hours, and the weather report says we're done with rain until next Tuesday. Pretty calm out there, wind wise.


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The worst damage I saw was my next door neighbor had one of their trees fall in their yard. Minor damage to some yard furniture. Looking at the almost non-existent root ball, that tree had issues.