St. Mary's Co. Traffic Tip Tuesdays: Golf Carts


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Driving golf carts on public roads in St. Mary's County is prohibited, except in the Golden Beach and Patuxent Knolls neighborhoods in Charlotte Hall.

In those two neighborhoods, golf carts may be operated by those with a valid driver's license, between dawn and dusk. Drivers shall keep the golf cart as far to the right of the roadway as feasible.

The St. Mary's County Department of Public Works and Transportation may designate the county highways in the community of Golden Beach and Patuxent Knolls on which a person may operate a golf cart.

The law allowing golf carts on Golden Beach and Patuxent Knolls roads went into effect in 2017.


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Well ain't they special
They went through the process for the county delegation to get a state law passed that allows for this. There are a few other communities around the state (eastern shore and western MD) that have similar limited golf-cart zones.


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We have several families in our development who drive golf carts on the road; many times driven by young children and no adults. They always seem to drive safely and pull of when traffic comes. Who knows. I have no idea if they're going somewhere or just out for a cruise.

But, then I've seen ATV's driving down the shoulder of Route 5 and state police cruiser just passes by.