Tragic Loss. And What Could Drive A 12-Year Old To Try To Commit Suicide?


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This is utterly tragic.

"Marisa, 22, was on her way to spend another evening with Perry, watching Season 2 of "Stranger Things" and studying. She was always studying. She had a plan: earn her master's degree in clinical mental-health counseling and become a child psychologist.

She'd be joining the field at a time when the number of children hospitalized for thinking of or trying to kill themselves has more than doubled in the past decade, even for kids under the age of 14. The boy on the bridge was 12."

Boy who jumped off bridge tried to kill himself, police say. Instead, he killed someone else

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Though I despise 99% of the articles in wapo, I read this front page article from Sunday's paper this morning and it really made me sad for the parents and boyfriend of this bright young lady that had a great future ahead of her. No one has clarified if the teen intended to kill himself and it is sad to think it was a possibility.

But this young lady had already accomplished a lot in her life and had a lot to offer. I grieve for her parents.