Trans Activist: It Isn’t Fair That Women Still Have Periods While Living As Men


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Cognitive Dissonance Within Transgender Ideology
If having a period is not exclusively a biological function of women, why would experiencing it cause dysphoria? One of the primary criteria in the DSM-5 for diagnosing gender dysphoria is, “A strong desire to be rid of one’s primary and/or secondary sex characteristics.” How is it that advocates want universal acceptance of transmen and nonbinary people embracing a primary sex characteristic? It seems they expect a conditional understanding of what gender dysphoria really means for the individual.

Rodrigo Heng-Lehtinen, deputy executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, continued this line of reasoning, contending that men’s restrooms should stock free menstruation products. He argued, “You might have this monthly terror where you’re concerned that if you go to the restroom, and someone sees a tampon, then they’re going to start asking questions.”

Insisting the mere sound of opening a tampon or throwing the packaging away in the restroom could expose the person to harassment and violence, he said, “This is a health care product, so it should be widely available. I think everyone in society is better off if they are more available for cheaper prices or for free in more places.”

Two more criteria for a gender dysphoria diagnosis include a strong desire to be treated as the other sex and a strong conviction that one has the typical feelings and reactions of the other sex. How would making menstruation products more widely available in men’s restrooms accomplish the goal of effectively blending in as men? There is a conflicting set of goals at play: Transgender activists want to be treated exactly as the sex with which they identify while simultaneously demanding the rest of society change the entire concept of what men and women are to accommodate them.