Triggered Dems Resort to Court-Packing in Tantrum Over Amy Coney Barrett


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Expand the court, Court packing

Democrats have been warning that if Barrett gets on the Court, she will lead the justices to immediately alter the Constitution in a direction that suits conservative activist interests. Yet conservatives support her not because she will enshrine their views into law but because she will help restore the Founders’ vision of the way the Constitution works.

The Founders did not intend for the Supreme Court to invent new rights that were not explicitly laid out in the Constitution. In fact, the Founders laid out a process to amend the Constitution, and they made it difficult to ensure that changes to the underlying rules of the game had to secure a super-majority of support.

Time and time again, activist justices circumvented the amendment process and circumvented the legislative process to make sweeping changes to American law.



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This is a perfect target of opportunity for POTUS to troll the hell out of the left by proposing adding x-number of justices, and adding that he has a list of names ready to go. I'd wait until after the election - no need to give lefties any more motivation to vote.


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The job of the courts is to adjudicate, not legislate. If you expand the court just to get a greater number of liberals OR conservatives it will turn into a co-legislative entity and our government would lose its system of checks and balances. The founding fathers had it and did it right.

I am still waiting for Roe v. Wade, Voting Rights, and portions of the Civil Rights act to be abolished by the 4 Horsemen of the Rightpocalypse.



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I have never understood how murder of a fetus is a right nor how abortion can be a health care issue.

Abortions are done by butchers with a Medical license.
Any mother that gets an abortion should have her tubes tied at the same time. Now that would be a health care issue.


I have never understood how murder of a fetus is a right nor how abortion can be a health care issue.
I understand it.

I don't agree with it, but I understand it.

Many people believe that an unviable fetus is not yet a human being - nor actually even alive - until a late in the pregnancy, or even childbirth. Some people believe they are alive and viable, but simply don't care. (Those are the people that I don't understand. But I don't care to debate that issue today.)

Anyway, for those that believe the fetus is not alive, or human, then it's a birth control issue, which certainly falls under the umbrella of healthcare.

Then you have the idiots who say, "Women are going to get abortions anyway - with coat-hangers if necessary - so, we may as well make it safe".
Again - I understand that. I disagree with that reasoning, and the very concept is anathema to my very soul, but I understand it.