Trump at Ground Zero


Well-Known Member are so gullible.

So...spitbubble...answer this rather simplistic questions:

1. Is this interview taken at Ground Zero? Obviously not...obviously it is no where near Ground Zero...there is no smoke anywhere is there?

2. Is there any proof that exists anywhere that Trump actually visited Ground Zero in the immediate aftermath? No.

3. Where are the pictures, videos, or any proof of Trump's "people" working at Ground Zero?

4. Trump is a media whore. If he actually was at Ground Zero, he would have had his own camera crews following him and the video would be everywhere.

This story for the USA Today actually debunks the video you posted

Trump again said he helped at ground zero immediately following the 9/11 attacks

Here is the relevant portion of the article:

Trump has made several versions of this claim in the past but there is a lack of evidence that Trump helped or hired people to help on the days following the terrorist attack.

Richard Alles, who was the New York Fire Department battalion chief during the Sept. 11 attack, has repeatedly said that he does not remember Trump having a presence at ground zero.

During an interview with the New York Times, Alles said that despite spending several months at the ground zero site, he "never witnessed" Trump there.

"He was a private citizen at the time. I don’t know what kind of role he could have possibly played," Alles told the Times in July.

There are, however, a couple of photos and interviews that show Trump near ground zero days after the attacks.

Trump was several blocks from ground zero just two days after the attack, where he did an interview with a German news station. In the interview, the business mogul then asserted that he had "a lot of men down" there.

"We have over 100, another 125 coming," he said at the time.

There is also an image of Trump outside the New York Stock Exchange on Sept. 18, 2001, a week from the attacks.

But there is still no evidence that Trump helped at ground zero in the immediate aftermath of the attacks.

Alles in a separate interview with PolitiFact in July said that he had no knowledge of Trump being at ground zero or sending at least 100 workers to help. Alles told PolitiFact that he was at the scene 20 minutes after the second building collapsed.

"I was in a supervisory role with the fire department at the time," he said. "I was there for several months — I have no knowledge of his being down there."

In addition, Alles said "there would be a record" if Trump had sent a crew of at least 100 workers to help out at ground zero.

"Everybody worked under direct supervision of the police and fire department and the joint commander for emergency services," he said. "Is there a chance he was ever down there by himself and I didn’t know it? It’s possible, but I know of no one who ever witnessed him there."