Trump Demands $2.5Bn Back For California's High-Speed Rail Fail; Pulls $929Mn Grant


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The Trump administration is also canceling a $929 million grant which was allocated to the California High-Speed Rail Authority detailed in a letter from DOT, just one week after California Governor Newsom announced that the project had been derailed by cost overruns and numerous delays. Instead of canceling the entire project, however, Newsom announced that the state will focus on finishing the line currently under construction, running 171 miles from Merced to Bakersfield - and could open as soon as 2027.

The decision to yank the grant money and claw back the billions in federal funds comes one day after California filed a lawsuit along with 15 other states challenging President Trump's emergency declaration on the border.

The $77 billion Los Angeles-to-San Francisco bullet train, which has been a goal of California transportation planners for decades, has long faced opposition from Mr. Trump and other Republicans. But on Tuesday morning, the president explicitly tied the rail line to efforts to stymie construction of the Mexican border wall. -New York Times


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If they're going to complete less than a third of the original scope of the project (and the least important part), then pulling back at least two thirds of the federal funding of the project makes sense. And something tells me they have already spent more than is likely to be recovered.


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Newsome: "Yeah, whistle for it, pal."

There should be charges brought against California and whoever began this outright theft of our tax dollars.