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Senate Democrats shocked everyone Sunday afternoon when they blocked passage of a stimulus plan to try to hold the economy together. Stock market futures immediately plunged to the limit, signaling another dismal day on Wall Street at Monday’s open.
Even the New York Times can’t conceal this churlishness. Note their headline:
Senate Democrats block action on a trillion-dollar stimulus plan
The party-line vote was a stunning setback after three days of fast-paced negotiations between senators and administration officials to reach a bipartisan compromise on legislation that is expected to be the largest economic stimulus package in American history . . .
In voting to block action, Democrats risked a political backlash if they are seen as obstructing progress on a measure that is widely regarded as crucial to aid desperate Americans and buttress a flagging economy.
When you’ve lost the New York Times . . .

So why did Senate Democrats do this? My hunch is that they are in a panic about the fact that Trump’s approval ratings are rising at the moment, and they are desperate to keep Trump from having a “win” on policy amidst this crisis. A package will pass, probably soon, and while it may have many defects and require many sequels, the political interests of Democrats demands that they delay and degrade the process as much as possible to diminish Trump. I doubt this would be happening if it was a year ago, or a year from now. But it’s election year, and deranged Democrats are desperate. Charming people.
Chaser: Remember a few months ago when the media was complaining that Trump’s media team stopped holding daily press briefings that journalists could use as a backdrop to preen? Well guess what? Now the media is saying that they should stop covering Trump’s daily briefings about the COVID-19 crisis.
From the Washington Post’s “media columnist”:
The media must stop live-broadcasting Trump’s dangerous, destructive coronavirus briefings
More and more each day, President Trump is using his daily briefings as a substitute for the campaign rallies that have been forced into extinction by the spread of the novel coronavirus.
Media translation: Trump’s press briefings are working with the public. We have to stop that.


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Nan said the House will have their own.

As for the press conferences, he needs to stop doing them. Let Pence and the medical team handle them. He wants to show he's in charge and cares about what's going on, only to have the press ask stupid questions to piss him off.


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I've caught a few bits of the PC on youtube, seems calm


.... only to have the press ask stupid questions to piss him off.

Frankly the press should be the press, and asking clarifying questions, not trying to score bullshi t browinie points asking ignorant questions

like that NBC Reporter the other day ...... FFS these people bitch about NOTHING Being Done, Trump via the FDA says

hey this report was published about X and Y drugs having some success ...lets try it

reporter - your are trying to kill us and gives us false hope :cds:


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If he didn't have the press conferences - the media would go apechit crazy over that, too. He can't win in that regard.

If she goes off on one of her search & destroy missions over this - I think Nancy will rue the day she p*sses off DJT. I think he will use the full force of whatever methods are available to him to get what he thinks the American people should have.

*I don't know what that looks like, but he is a man who makes things happen and he will do whatever it is he can do and whatever it takes.
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Truth is Donald cannot win against TDS uninformed Democrat refusal to admit the man is doing a good job.
It's like brain lock with these people.
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Nancy wants to bolster funding to PPAC trying to classify them as a 'non profit' that offers health care.


My hunch is that they are in a panic about the fact that Trump’s approval ratings are rising at the moment, and they are desperate to keep Trump from having a “win” on policy amidst this crisis.
Good Lord... if that's their thinking, they are about as dumb as I am increasingly believing they are. They've moved from a backhoe to an earth mover digging their hole of demise. I sure look forward to Nov, watching so many heads explode when Trump wins again and the GOP takes full control.


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post more or don't let the door hit you on the why out ...
Or, the more likely scenario, is that I do something in between those two options. Like 99.5% of the other forum members who don't start a new thread every 20 minutes because they saw a headline that caught their interest while browsing the internet all day.

"Show only unread" :lol:

My screenshot was just the Politics Section.


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I'm not one the Internet all day ..... How about you go **** yourself and not try to control what others do Fascist
No, just 0600 - 1400.

Don't confuse me pointing out your incessant thread creation with trying to control anything you do. Notice I didn't say "Stop posting" or "ban GURPS", I am advocating you to have your own safe space to post as you wish.

No need to get all pissy.


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Does Nancy think blocking our survival plan will make voters like the Democrats more? Or approve less of Trump?

I think the simple answer is she doesn't want us to recover unless she personally can take credit for it.


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Congressional Democrats Add Last-Minute Ideological Demands to Coronavirus Relief Package

A senior Republican Senate aide tells NRO:
As Leader Schumer continues to hold up the desperately-needed relief package, the last-minute list of demands from Pelosi’s and Schumer’s ideological wish list are coming into focus.
Below are some of the new, non-coronavirus-related demands that popped up after Speaker Pelosi flew back from San Francisco yesterday after taking a week off:
  1. Unprecedented collective bargaining powers for unions
  2. Increased fuel emissions standards for airlines
  3. Expansion of wind and solar tax credits
Not only are these completely unrelated to the coronavirus epidemic, they could prevent companies from participating in the loan programs altogether—directly causing unnecessary layoffs.
Senior Democratic congressional aides did not immediately respond to emails requesting comment.

Dem Rep. Told Colleagues Coronavirus Bill Is ‘Tremendous Opportunity to Restructure Things to Fit Our Vision’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) worked to scupper the phase-three coronavirus relief package on Sunday after Majority Whip James Clyburn (D., S.C.) told caucus members last week that the bill was “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

Clyburn’s comments came on a Thursday call featuring more than 200 House Democrats, during which caucus members laid out a list of provisions they wanted to be included in the Senate’s trillion-dollar package.

Republicans have said that Democrats have reportedly demanded increased bargaining powers for unions, as well as environmental regulations for airlines and more wind and solar tax credits.