Trump Phone Call LEAK Proves Trump Wants To Overturn GA Election Triggering Democrat OUTRAGE


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Still waiting on "proof" of election "theft".

Members of the Trump Cult never back up their outlandish statements with any sort of proof. You see this across all social media and in real-life conversations.

They INSIST they have the monopoly on truth and that everyone else are the dummies for not seeing it.

Trump has empowered the uneducated to think that somehow they are all of a sudden the smartest and most media savvy there are.

Rudy Giuliani has made an absolute fool of himself and has been laughed out of court.

Where is your evidence @vraiblonde or anyone else who wishes to speak to this nonsense? Bring it to the table. Let’s examine the information you have that apparently no judge has had access to.

There will be nothing because there is nothing.


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I don't like to say this, but trump should have known better than to have called these turds to begin with.
WTF was he thinking , he should have known they would turn this against him.


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WTF was he thinking , he should have known they would turn this against him.

Well, considering that eating ice cream and meatloaf was turned into a gasping with horror news story, I don't think he cares anymore.

I know most people would like it if Trump just tucked tail and let the overlords have their way - it was easier then and we didn't have to see so many lunatics making death threats against our President and his young child - but there are many of us who are grateful he's fighting for us.


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Trump supporters are mentally deranged. Full blown cult level retards. Nothing left to do but laugh at them as the slide off into sad irrelevance. Adios you traitorous crap clowns.:roflmao: