Trump wants to move GOP convention from fascist NC


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All these dipshits who voted in Democrat Governors - ha freaking ha ha ha. That's what you get for being stupid, now you enjoy your house arrest and government overlords and shut your mouths.
The bluest states you can think of - have had Republican governors - in the recent past. Think Massachusetts - New York - New Jersey - Connecticut.
The reddest states you can think of - have had Democratic governors in the past. Texas - West Virginia - Kentucky - Tennessee.
Happens very often.

The state executive is one of those offices where things can change - a LOT.

It's the Senate - the House - and Mayoralties of large cities - where the parties stay the same for decades.


If they have a Democrat Governor they are a filthy disgusting corrupt libprog state filled with shitbags who should be set on fire.

No doubt all those "Republicans" are of the Hogan variety, as in puke worthy America hating tyrants. No state that's worth a damn has a Democrat Governor.

Does that hold the same if this country elects a dem president with a GOP-controlled congress?


....and there's more.

N.C. is represented by three Democrats and ten Republicans in the House of Reps. Both of the state's U.S. Senators are Republicans. Hardly a "libprog" state.
To be clear though... Blue and Red are defined by party, not actual political positions: liberal - conservative. In my opinion, the democrat party has moved hard left, while the republican party has moved to the center, even left-of-center. So, sticking with the premise of what defines blue/red states, my argument isn't one of stating NC (or any other state for that matter) holds conservative values.