Turkish Intel Will Run ‘Operations’ Against Political Opponents On US Soil


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“Our relevant units and institutions will continue their operations in the countries the FETO operates in whether it be the U.S. or some other country,” said Kalin, using an acronym for the pejorative term Fethullah Terrorist Organization to describe Gulen’s network of followers.

“Rest assured that they will feel Turkey breathing down their neck,” Kalin added.

Erdogan and the Turkish government have waged a widespread crackdown against Gulen’s network, which is said to number in the millions. Erdogan blames Gulen, who lives in exile in Pennsylvania, for the failed July 15, 2016 coup attempt that left more than 250 people dead. Gulen has denied taking part in the coup.

The Turkish government’s targeting of Gulen and his supporters has run the gamut. MIT officials kidnapped six Turkish nationals in March in Kosovo and returned them back to Turkey to face trial. The kidnapping caused a major international uproar and showed the lengths that Erdogan would go to hunt down Gulen supporters.

Turkish Intel Will Run ‘Operations’ Against Political Opponents On US Soil, Erdogan Spokesman Says

hey we let then beat protesters here ... what else could go wrong