TV producer behind 'Planet Earth' goes crazy during road-rage incident


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As an award-winning BBC wildlife documentary maker, Fergus Beeley witnessed his fair share of roaring and aggressive males in the wild.

Confronting the family after they had pulled up at a lay-by Mr Beeley can be heard screaming: “I do want you dead…put your hands on the car and get ready to die, this is a citizen’s arrest.”

He then points to Mr Gale’s wife and says: “You’re under a citizen’s arrest, you’re under a citizen’s arrest, and I tell you what, you are too.”

While the source of his fury is unclear from the footage, Mr Beeley is thought to have been incensed by the family’s vehicle coming into contact with his wife’s car, which was travelling in front of him.




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I could only watch about a minute of that. Did he say, "I don't talk to white people like that"??

What a freaking psycho.