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I spent two hours on the phone today with Intuit trying to straighten out my account (that I thought had been fixed over a year ago). I have a visceral negative reaction to tech support, even though the gal was very nice and seemed to know her stuff (the delay was in her getting answers from the correct PIC). I'll know in a day or two whether I'm straightened out or not.

And now I could really use a beer and a patio to drink it on....except for the part where I'll get violently ill after.


I wouldn't even know I had a problem except one of my clients had a problem paying her invoice by credit card, which made me realize we were under a weird merchant code that I have no idea how they came up with. Logging in to try and fix that led me to find other issues with the account, which led to me calling customer support and interacting with the lovely Rahjah for two hours.



the poor dad
Intuit is the mafia of small business accounting- I can’t stand them but am beholden to them and their outrageous fees and business practices. Ugh!