Uh ohhhhhh, Roadkill guys committed Obamacide!!!


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If your are familiar with the show, you know the guys are actually pretty good mechanics behind that façade of buffooneries.

However, on a previously aired show, they dragged an old truck out of their garage and fired it up. It ran like crap because it was sitting for a number of years. But it ran.

Frikenferberger, (I cant remember the guys name) took the carburetor off, and cleaned the old gas residue from the bowls. It looked narly. He quipped that it was very old gas but it ran. Following that, he said if it had been todays gas sitting so long it would have been much much worse. He blamed the new gas corrosives on
OBAMA GAS. Uh ohhhhhh.


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Now is the time to start thinking about winterization of lawn mowers and other equipment that won't be used on a regular basis. Korner Karryout has non-ethanol 87 octane for around $4.00 per gallon. I look at it as cheap insurance.


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I've been happy with Stabil Green, and I use it all year, so I really don't worry much about fuel going into the winter. The gennys and snow thrower get run dry before getting put away anyway.

Before Stabil, those fuel bowls would get awful funky by spring.