Unions suck, part 365,478


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Both the union and the school district say they want smaller class sizes, bigger teacher salaries, and more counselors and nurses in the district's roughly 1,000 schools.

The big debate revolves around how much to fund them.
While the adults keep struggling to find a resolution, students are still expected to go to school during the strike.
Despite the expected absences of 32,000 teachers and staff, classes will continue at all schools. About 600,000 students could be taught by more than 2,000 reassigned administrators and about 400 substitute teachers, the school district said.

The union wants LAUSD to pull from its $1.86 billion in reserves to increase school staffing and boost teachers' salaries by 6.5%.
But the school district says it's not nearly as wealthy as the teachers' union suggests.
"School budgets in California are set in three-year increments, and from July 2018 to June 2021, Los Angeles Unified will spend $24 billion educating students. This includes its entire, existing $1.8 billion reserve," LAUSD said.
A 6.5% increase in teachers' salaries, because they're looking out for the students :killingme