Unique travel trailer setup


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Just slap on some 88 slip-ins, dual Kadrons, header, and a Pertronix 009 and off you go!
I like your thinking, show off, but still IMHO that is a lot to pull with 80 or 90 HP

Ref: in 35 yrs of driving I've owned 8 VW Beetles of various years and a 78 Westie


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I used to pull a 16' wood boat with an old-style 40 hp Johnson OB, loaded with gear, with a Subaru BRAT. I think the HP on that was around 67 hp, 1.6L engine. Could always smell the clutch pulling the boat up the ramp out of the water. I beat the snot out of that engine, had about 200k miles on it when it was retired. Body rusted thru, pans under the seats rotted from scraping the salt sand on the beach, bumper fell off..... but it was the most fun I ever had in a car.

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