Updated info that doesn't filter down...


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...to the likes of those with self inflated views of their own education.

If you watch the data points as they come in, you can get a pretty good feel for what is going on. Gilligan, once again is likely to be disappointed.

In the month a lot of data has come out...Gilligan can't look under the hood...just at what he is told to look at.

In the past two days, we've had some significant data releases. Most important among them is the consumer spending data that came out this morning: https://www.bea.gov/newsreleases/national/pi/pinewsrelease.htm

Spending weak. Inflation: hotter.

Everyone has pulled down their Q2 GDP estimates. Atlanta fed lowered by almost full percentage point: https://www.frbatlanta.org/cqer/research/gdpnow.aspx

We will still have a good quarter...but it won't be what those who rely solely on political sites for their news think it will be.

Oh btw...I am sure no one told Gilligan that Q1 GDP was revised down yesterday: https://www.bea.gov/newsreleases/national/gdp/gdpnewsrelease.htm The first estimate was 2.3%...the second was 2.2%...and the final is 2.0%. Which, again for the edification of the universally uninformed Gilligan, continues the string of weak Q1 GDP reports that go back to the end of the recession.

Again, to reiterate for those who can't read: we will have a pretty good Q2. 3-4%. Given the tax cuts (which were so poorly done) and the govt spending increases...that is a pretty lousy result. But that is what happens when we have an incompetent President who can't stop shooting himself in the foot with his comments on tariffs, his attacking of US companies and his attacks on US allies.