UPDATED: Streaming "American" azzhole in Japanese subway shut down by Texan hero


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Notes before watching.

1. A Texan hero appears before too long. And while you will be surprised by the Texan, he's exactly the hero this story needs.
2. This link will NOT increase the azzholes views, as it is a separate youtube channel.
3. As the azzholes accent might tip you off, he's a "new" American, too damn new to use the words "we" when referring to events in WWII, IMO.



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More news about this bozo. Seems he got his azz arrested. And his pansy ass is all "Call the embassy!!!!!"

Also turns out his name, Jonny Somali is because he's Ethiopian and he wants his antics to make Somalians look bad.

Waste of oxygen.


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Sounds like that ******* mizzi in the UK

I agree, the treatment of "civilians" is sort of on par. But while I might just kick mizzy in the balls, this other guy would be in a damn hospital. Referring to the US as "us" and "we" when reminding Japanese citizens of the single most horrible day in their history? Muthereffer, you are NOT a part of we or us.


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He went around asking for , no begging to be arrested. Just another of the usual suspects plying his cultural trade, and being a royal pain in the ass.
Toss him in a cell and throw the key away.


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I admire Japan's' near zero immigrant policy.

Has any nation been enriched by the introduction of Africans to that country?


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