Vacation spots--Luray Caverns

I'm planning on a trip to Luray Caverns at the end of August. We want to stay at the Luray Caverns motel west, which is supposed to overlook the mountains and is really close to the caverns. I also want to check out the garden maze.  Anyone have any tips or want to share experiences about the Caverns? I just need a good place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Larry Gude

Strung Out

Been there twice: Once as a kid (8-10?), once as a young adult, early 20's.

If you're going that way anyway, fine. I personally would not go out of my way. It is interesting but it's way down the list of recomendations from me.

Please post back when you return. I'm interested in your view. Hope you enjoy it!

PS: How old are you? Kids? They'd probably think it is pretty cool if they are old enough to enjoy that kind of thing.


I am new here and would be interested in going to these caverns. Do you need a guide to go with you? Is it really touristy? How far  from annapolis is it? Thanks and have fun when you go!


Here ya go Woblicat if you didn't find it already :wink:

I agree somewhat with Larry.  I think it is a spectacular site and you can learn a lot if you haven't studied this kind of thing before, but I do think it is still good for only a few hours, not a whole weekend vacation.  They have the ailwee caves in Ireland much like this - pretty cool.

When I went years ago a guide was not required, but added a lot of info.  The caves are not long and you are not allowed off the walkway so don't go expecting to be a spelunker.

Harpers Ferry is also nearby with a bunch of neat stuff to add to this outing to make it worthwhile.