Vascular Surgeon/Doctor


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Old Hillcrest Guy is in search of the best Vascular doctor in the area, which includes the entire DMV. It can be the Tri-County area or DC/Baltimore. I have suffered through nerve pain in the leg for over 7 years now. Two laminectomies and the implant of a spinal cord simulator last August have not stopped the pain which is on the average of a 6.5 on the 1-10 scale. Just saw the top spinal doctor at John Hopkins on Tuesday, referred to him by my spinal doctor from Georgetown for second opinion in hopes that a another set of eyes might see something he hasn't seen.
Well the doc from JH says he wouldn't have done anything differently then what has already been done as far a surgeries and treatment and that there is no need for anymore operations on the back. While talking with him, I was wearing shorts and he noticed that my left leg was just abit swollen and I have varicose veins in my left leg and not my right leg. He thinks that maybe that's a possible place that could be causing the nerve pain in the leg, that varicose veins can also cause nerve pain. So he has referred me to see a vascular doctor. He is fairly new to the Baltimore area and couldn't really narrow down a doctor to see in the John Hopkins system. The PA who was with him gave us a couple of names of doctors in JH group to maybe look into, but just wanted to see if anyone on the forums could recommend a excellent doctor they have knowledge of. Old Guy has car and will travel