Verizon and Smeco


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So yesterday when I get home from work, we have no power. There are two work trucks in the fire lane behind my house, the workers appear to be putting up new poles and reattaching lines. My husband said the power had been off for about an hour before I got home. The power came back on after i'd been home about 1/2 hour. After the workers left, my husband noticed we had no internet. I called Smeco today to find out who the contractors were and explain what happened. Long story short, she told me they had nothing to do with phone lines and I should call Verizon; which I did. It just bothers me that she is trying to say it was just a coincidence that their contractors had been working on the lines...behind my house no less and when they left, we had no phone or internet. Verizon is sending someone out tomorrow. Not a big deal, I know. Just ticks me off they wouldn't say they may have been responsible.


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Had the same problem with SMECO, underground main line blew on my street and while repairing that, they replaced the power box by the road that feeds my house. The cable line has a stub up box right next to the power box and while hooking up the new box they were sitting on the stub up box. My cable was going on and off (had generator powering part of my house). I said something to them and they insisted nothing they were doing would affect the cable, when it was obvious to me that that was what was happening cuz the cable box wasn't anchored and was swaying back and forth when they were sitting on it. I just let it drop since they had quickly responded to the outage and actually had to dig up the neighbors driveway to fix the shorted line and completed the whole job in about 5 hours.
Utilities. Gotta luv 'em.

Metcom has been replacing all the water lines int he streets around me. Once in a while I stop and ask when they are going to cut in the new lines, because it means they have to cut the water. I was told they would notify everyone or put a note on the door or something to alert us.

So here I sit with no water, I was right in the middle of something that needs water. No knock on the door, no notes..... no idea how long it will be out.

And last year they said it would be the last time they would tear up my front yard, so it was ok t get yard work done. Glad I waited. They've dug up the yard 3 more times since then and aren't done yet....
When they get done and turn the water back on, go out and complain that they hooked up new water lines but it's still sending old water into the house.
I'll be happy if I don't see flames shooting out of the sink.