24/7 Single Dad
Groten CT
Dam Neck VA ("A" & "C" school)
Guam-USS Proteus (AS-19)
Kittery ME - USS Simon Bolivar (SSBN-641)
Little Creek VA - USS Fort Snelling (LSD-30) with side trips to Cuba, Panama, Columbia, Bolivia, Virgin IS, Curacao, Honduras, Puerto Rico & Venezuela
NAVCAMSEASTPAC HI with side trips to Moffet field, Osan AFB Korea, Japan
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Retired, USNR

Active duty: Jun 72 - Jun 76:

NAVCOMSTA/NAVCOMUNIT Asmara, Ethiopia Jan 73 - Jul 75
USS Worden CG-18, Yokosuka, Japan Aug 75 - Jun 76

Reserve Duty: NRC St Pete and NRC Tampa, Fl, 1984 - 2005:

ACU 1, DET 1908



Lobster Land
CTR1 1962-1982

NSGA Bremerhaven, Germany
USNS Oxford
NCS Norfolk/Northwest, Virginia
NCS San Miguel, Philippines
NSGA Ft. Meade, Maryland
TUSLOG Det 28 Karamursel, Turkey
NCS Rota, Spain
NSGD Norfolk, Virginia/CINCLANTFLT Cryptologic Support Group


AGC (ret) 1980-2002
Suitland, MD
Sigonella, IT
Rota, SP
Rota, SP (yes, I liked Rota - totaled about 12-13 years there with 2 tours of shore and 1 sea duty tour on my last rotation there)


Lobster Land
While in Rota I did four 3-month TAD trips, one on a frigate, another on a destroyer and two on a carrier. Liked the small ships but liked & disliked the carrier. While on the Oxford (AG-159/AGTR-1) for two years started out in Norfolk, visiting Gitmo Bay, San Juan, a couple of other islands, Panama Canal, Peru and Chile then we were diverted to the Pac via the Indian Ocean to monitor for Vietnam. Visited Canary Islands, Nigeria, South Africa, Subic Bay, Hong Kong and Japan. All stations and ports were just very unique experiences and it would be impossible for me to pick a favorite although Durban, South Africa stands out for so many reasons. It's changed now but then it was like any modern American resort city. As a kid I imagined Canada as being a frozen land and Africa as jungle, neither of which proved to be totally true.


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USAF MSgt- retired
Loring AFB, ME- KC-135A/R Crew Chief (87-92)
NAS Keflavik, Iceland- AWACS, KC-135A/E/R Crew Chief (92-94)
Andrews AFB- VC-135, C-32 Crew Chief (94-99)
Andrews AFB- VC-25 Flying Crew Chief (99-09)

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I get 33% of my ex's retirement pay. Does that count? I did 14 years active duty with him, 2 years delayed entry while dating/engaged, two years active reservists while waiting for the divorce, and raised his kids until retirement at adulthood.
USN 7 years. ET2, Got changed to EW2 at the last.
Got to see a lot of the Vietnam coastline, flyovers, by Migs fun stuff like that.
Destroyers, Subtenders. CC1.


Lobster Land
In the CT field the majority of us never got involved with combat but were stationed off the coast of Vietnam. I did see bombs going off in the mountains a few nights and knew right away I wanted no part of that. I have no problem believing our troops coming home from the mid-east conflicts have some problems.


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USAR-13 yrs
71L until my last year and then I think it became 42 series

450CA in Riverdale, MD
305 PsyOp off Dowerhouse Rd
128 MI in Greenburg, PA
323 MI in Allison Park, PA
444 PSB at Ft Meade, MD (2003-2004 OIF)

BTW I've got no clue what all those Navy letters are. No wonder the different services have problems communicating.


USAF TSgt- retired
Eglin AFB, FL – Plumber (85-88)
Keesler AFB, MS – Cross Trained into Tech Control (88)
Hurlburt Fld, FL – Comm Tech in a Tri-TAC Testing facility (88-89)
Kwang Ju, Korea – 4th Combat Comm (89-90)
Ramstein AB, Germany – Combat Operations Intelligence Center Network Tech (90-93)
Eglin AFB, FL – NCOIC Tech Control Facility (93-98)
Andrews AFB, MD – Tech Control Facility Guru (98-2000)
Andrews AFB, MD – Air Force Office of Special Investigations Networks NCOIC/Branch Chief (2000-2005)
Various deployments throughout.

What an awesome ride. Glad it's over.


Power with Control
The two letters followed by a number denotes your job type and rank (MOS to you guys, Navy Enlisted Classification) to us). Follows a few conventions. Mostly just two letters from that job, AO being aviation ordnanceman, ET being electronics technician, AG being Aerographers Mate, or weather guesser:) Ranks expressed as AN - Airman, Seaman - SN, for E-1 through E-3, while E-4 through E-6 are Petty Officer third class (AO3) through Petty Officer first class, (ET1) E-7 through E-9 (only one E-10 in the Navy) being Chief (AWC), Senior Chief (AOCS) and Master Chief (ETCM) Lots of details, but thats the basics.

First letter

Squadron designations.

First letter = type

V=fixed wing

Second letter = mission

P= Patrol

(squadrons with multiple missions lead to ones like VAQ, or HSL, of VFA)

Number is simple which squadron of that type you are. SO any Navy person can see at a glance what sort of aircraft you were involved with.


24/7 Single Dad
BTW I've got no clue what all those Navy letters are. No wonder the different services have problems communicating.

I was assigned to take a fleet communications radio and crypto gear to Osan Korea and set it up on the Airforce base so they could coordinate with the Navy ships during exercises. The Navy radios couldn't talk to the Airforce radios who couldn't talk to the Army.
Great trips, once we were set up all I had to do was change out the crypto code once a day. The rest of the time was shopping. Got some nice tailor made suits and shoes there.


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USAF 1980-84
347th Tactical Fighter Wing, Moody AFB, Valdosta, GA
One of three rapid deployment bases on the CONUS
F4D wild weasels
Primary deployment location...middle east, where else? :lol: