VIDEO: Airbnb guest was late checking out, so the host pushed her down the stairs


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A confrontation over check-out time turned violent after an Airbnb host allegedly pushed a woman down a flight of stairs in Amsterdam.

Local reports said the suspect was arrested and detained by police. Prosecutors are considering charging the property owner with attempted murder, according to a Reuters report.

Sibahle Nkumbi was traveling with two other women and South African artist Zanele Muholi, who shared video of the incident on social media. (Reports differ on the spelling of Nkumbi's first name, which have been printed elsewhere as “Steve” and “Siba.”)

In the 34-second video, Nkumbi appears to tell the host “don’t be emotional” and asks why he is throwing her things out of the apartment. The shaky video shows the host, who is wearing a black T-shirt, repeatedly say “out” as he pushes Nkumbi against a wall. He then says “out now” more emphatically, while pushing Nkumbi toward the stairs. The video follows Nkumbi as she plunges headfirst down the narrow staircase. The host runs down the stairs, as Nkumbi lies motionless on the floor, before the video stops.


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