Volunteers and Horses Needed!!!!!!!

Greenwell TRP is in need of volunteers and horses for it's summer and fall program. We are in a real tight situation. If you can volunteer (even if it is just an hour a week), please contact the foundation and say you want to volunteer for the Therapeutic Riding Program. The number is 301-737-9775. Please say you want to volunteer for the TR program other wise they will put you somewhere else.

Also need horses between 6-16 years old, that walk, trot and canter. Some jumping would be good. We take donations, free lease and we do buy horses, if they are suitable. Please help us, so we don't have to turn are children away because we don't have horses or volunteers.

Please check out the website for more information. www.greenwelltrp.org. We are working really hard to keep this program running, please help us!!!!!!