Wal*Mart employee petitions to have CEO fired


Methodically disorganized
Meanwhile, union leaders everywhere dance in merriment.

A deli manager at Wal-Mart doesn’t like how the company is being run and is calling for a change in leadership at the retail giant, but she’s not just moaning about her employer around a water cooler.


Social media and online petitions, effectively used by consumers to pressure companies to rethink rate hikes and reassess labor practices overseas, could put power in employees’ hands, said labor experts.

“All of these Internet forces are all of a sudden part of the communications currency in the world, especially in America,” said Lee Howard Adler, who teaches employment law and public sector collective bargaining and labor law at Cornell’s Industrial and Labor Relations School. “Even the most powerful see some need to address these.”
If the corporations are evil, the employees are dumbasses, and I don't trust either to be responsible.


Happy Creepy Ass Cracka
Last sentence is the most important statement in the whole article.

"We live in a culture where shareholders are king and often shareholders can’t even dislodge CEOs,” he said. “Since employees are even lower in the pecking order I have a hard time imagining they can.”
Which is as it should be.