Waldorf ranked #20 best place to live in America


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I'm gonna go close and lock all my windows, lock up my seven deadbolts, put my bulletproof vest on and go to bed hoping those gangbangers don't shoot at me. :killingme Good night y'all. :howdy:


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Apparently they've changed owners and revamped. Looks like a pretty nice restaurant.
I can't remember the guy's name, but they used to advertise with us a zillion years ago and it was definitely a bar and NOT a restaurant at all. Very different from what is shown on their website.
I understand that but its the area that I'm speaking about. I spent my last 2 employed years in that area of rte 6 and...well...let's just say; I wouldn't frequent the place at night.
Ahh yes; The old Lone Star Cafe in Indian Head. I did some phone work for them and I've eaten there also. It was a serious "greasy spoon" but their food was good! (I think they're out of business)?
Can you find a link for that?
Yes! Even Idlewood trailer park doesn't look as bad as those on the show.


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Look up " My Name Is Earl" on Wikipedia. Scroll down to the location section. I am on my iPad so I can not provide a direct link.
My Name Is Earl is set in fictional Camden County. Creator Greg Garcia says:

“ The show doesn’t technically take place anywhere....we like to think it’s anywhere. We don’t really say exactly where it is. ”

On episode Inside Probe (Part 2), Earl hints at a general location by saying, "I guess we are in the central time zone." The show is filmed in the San Fernando Valley, in Southern California. On the last DVD, in reply to a viewer's question, Greg Garcia admits that Camden is loosely modeled on Waldorf, Maryland.The show has many hints to Maryland. The professor is at Frostburg State... which exists in Western Maryland. Randy goes looking for a lost dog in Hagerstown (also in Md.) Crab-Shack-White-Trash exist in Eastern Maryland. Joy's trailer is in Pimmit Hills trailer park-- Pimmit Hills is a section of Fairfax county Va. -- {Greg Garcia grew up in Arlington)


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Cheese and crackers! Will you two attention whores take it elsewhere? I'm so sick of a nice thread turning into pissing contest of stupidity. :dork:


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You are correct, the location is near Boston's at the "Lake". Otherwise known as a run-off retention pond to keep the run off in its place as opposed to ending up in the Bay.

Or where they have directed the water to go instead of spread out swamp like the way it used to be. BTW - make sure you plow right over the ducks and geese who are trying desperately to spend some of their time in this area that they have been coming to for thousands of years.

I HATE WALDORF! Going over there for anything is a "necessary evil" choice.


Ghetto without row houses!!! I worked up there for 2 1/2 years, its a fawking ghetto. I'm so glad I don't have to go there anymore. The only areas that are worth a crap are the older homes set back in the woods, and some of the higher end "mcmansions" that the thrash can't afford.