WALSH: Dear Republicans, Stop Being Cowards And Confirm Kavanaugh


PREMO Member
A party with no power is manhandling, bullying, and intimidating the party that currently owns the legislative and executive branches. To call this mere cowardice is an understatement. I'm not sure if there is a word that accurately captures the craven, shrinking gutlessness of a Republican party that huddles submissively in the corner while liberals incinerate a Supreme Court nominee and toss his ashes in the air like confetti.

Do you know what Democrats would do in this situation? Do you know how they'd respond if they controlled Congress and it was their Supreme Court nominee being slandered? They would flip a middle finger to the Republicans and confirm him without hesitation. They would say, "Don't like it? Try and stop us. Oh, you can't stop us. Well, too bad. Deal with it, suckers." And Republicans would cry and stomp their feet, and conservative talk show hosts would be sent into spittle-flecked rage, and conservatives everywhere would complain about how unfair it all is, and Democrats would just laugh. They wouldn't care how we feel. They got their guy on the Supreme Court. That's all that would matter to them. They would see the hysterics and the outrage as entirely irrelevant. And they would be absolutely right.