wanna have our very own SUPER SPREADER EVENT?


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LOOK, WE'LL GET MEDIA ATTENTION! I can find a vendor to make t shirts, get a catering from Cutty's Rockin' Ribs and BBQ, (you all didnt know it but Bann plays a mean Aerosmith set) a car show, raffle tickets, etc....
kick it around.... I've got some cassettes,
Doo-Wop, Paul Anka, Jimmy Clanton, Mel Torme ' s blue era....


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Doris Day meets Lady Gaga
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I missed this tread - too busy prepping for my PCB trip. We should totally get something together and do something! :lol:

Not sure about Aerosmith, but a couple of Monkees songs, a little KC & the Sunshine Band and maybe a Lady Gaga song! Vrai and I did a lil karaoke at the local VFW here last night - fun!! :singer: