Want to write a new pilot TV show for Disney/MSNBC with me?


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Some of us remember "genre TV" shows over the years. Back in the 50's it was Cowboy/Westerns, then cop shows like M Squad, Dragnet, Naked City, the Untouchables, then WWII shows like Combat and Gallant Men, even McHale's Navy... Spy shows followed like Mission Impossible and Get Smart.

This ain't your Dad's TV now. We need focused, relevant, meaningful shows. I'm knoodeling a show and script now.

"The Man from Taliban" a made for TV show, stars "Stan" (Like Kurdistan, Afghanistan, ) who infiltrates White Supremacists groups from Trumpville, a mid-western mythical city in a State that starts with an I, bringing them to "Crazy Yuseph" and his female mandingo, "Kamelastan".

I can see drama, but no humor, as humor is an infedelian sin!!
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