Waterspout touches down on small Maryland island, destroying several homes


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Maryland's Smith Island is made up of several small communities and it does not have a bridge connecting it to the mainland

Shocking video captured the moment a waterspout slammed into a small island in Maryland on Thursday, as severe weather wrecked the Old Line State’s shores.

The video shows the tornado swirling over water and heading towards Smith Island off the Chesapeake Bay.

The video, taken by Amy and Daniel Somers, shows debris flying in the air as the waterspout approached land.

You can hear utter shock from the Somers as they watch the waterspout come ashore and slam into what appears to be a building.



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Pretty much destroyed the bed and breakfast where Jay Fleming and his photography workshop groups routinely stay. Destroyed or damaged a lot of other homes. Wrecked a bunch of boats...some 25' long. Badly damaged the gas dock.