We Count - A Day Without Illegal Immigrants


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The strikers’ hope for a massive, economy-jarring, state-wide “walkout” failed because the hard-working, wage-cutting illegal aliens are not critical to any section of the U.S. economy, except the fruit-growing sector.

Perhaps 10,000 illegal aliens — including many family members — turned out for the June 1 “Day Without Immigrants” protest. Most of the turnout took place in the Immokalee agriculture district where farmers prefer cheap and disposable workers over U.S-built, labor-saving harvesting machines.

Many of the illegal migrants waived their home-country flags:



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ICE should have been on hand to check immigration stati. Do like they did for mafia funerals. Take pictures and get license plate numbers.

But who am I kidding. With the exception of De Santis & Abbott, most pols are fine with the illegal invaders.

And think how big a set of balls you need to wave a flag from the place you fled from fearing for your life. If you are so proud of that flag GTFO of here and go back. Wave your flag all the way home. I bet not 1 foreign flag made it through Ellis Island.


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You know, I remember in years past I was sympathetic to people trying to better themselves. I know that if I was south of the border with a family I’d be moving heaven and earth to get here. But as with so many things the lefty’s stupidity has killed that little spark of empathy by inviting everyone including the scum of the earth to come and vote for them.