Week 1


"Typical White Person"
How did you guys do?

I was 2-1-1.

This team really disappointed.

D. Anderson QB CLE 10 v DAL 28 (F) 114 PaYd, PaTD (2), 24 RuYd 9
F. Gore RB SF 13 v ARI 23 (F) 96 RuYd, RuTD (41), 55 ReYd, 4 Recpt 12
S. Jackson RB STL 3 @ PHI 38 (F) 40 RuYd, 34 ReYd, 3 Recpt 3
P. Burress WR NYG 16 v WAS 7 (F) 133 ReYd, 10 Recpt 9
W. Welker WR NE 17 v KC 10 (F) 51 ReYd, 6 Recpt 2
D. Keller TE NYJ 20 @ MIA 14 (F) 0
J. Brown K STL 3 @ PHI 38 (F) FG (46) 3
Chargers DST SD 24 v CAR 26 (F) 26 PA, DFR, SACK 4


I'm not in the SoMD league, but my kicker out scored 4 other people with only 6 points. What a sad week.


I took Thomas first pick in 2 of my 3 leagues......

screwed i am now...although I have Rogers as a back up in one and Matt Ryan in another...I picked Ryan up last night in the SOMD league..I need to pick up another RB because the Raiders are obviously not going to give McFadden the touches I thought they would..


Football addict
About half and half.

I am 0-2 in my money league. Freakin' Carson Palmer...I'm trashin' him.

I might sneak another win the in SOMDleague, which would put me at 2-0. I just have to hope that Phinfan doesn't surpass me tomorrow.

I am near first place in another pts league.

I am somewhere near the top middle in another match-up league.