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We went to the Macon Opera House Saturday night to see the Allman-Betts Band. I had never heard of them, but I'm game.

The first opening act was the Jackson Stokes Band-true to the feel of the show, they had a bluesy rock sound. Jackson Stokes has easily identifiable and unique vocals. Very easy to listen to. They did a great cover of Talking Heads "Life During Wartime".

The second act was JD Simo. More blues-rock, but this guy could give BB King a run for his money. He had a rack of guitars, and played several of them during the short time he was on stage. He was amazing, and you can add great story teller to the list of his talents.

Just these two groups, and the short performances they did, were well worth the trip, the price of the tickets, and the time. A good thing, since the Allman-Betts Band had us leaving after 4 songs, two of them covers from the Allman Brothers.

Devon Allman and Duane Betts, being the front men, were incredibly dull. It was very zombie like. There was no stage presence to speak of. No vocals worth writing home about, and the music left me wanting...to leave. The only stand-out, besides Allmans dirty hair, was Johnny Stachela/slide guitar. He also joined SIMO while they performed.

Johnny Stachela


Jackson Stokes