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AP Reporter Unloads On Biden Official: ‘All Of This Work Was Done In The Previous Administration’

“And I think that demonstrates that our strategy, including the legislative strategy, the strategy that, of course, Congress has been behind, has been working to good effect,” Price said in reference to recent news involving a Russia-backed pipeline, Nord Stream 2. “We’ll continue to work closely with Germany, we’ll continue to work closely with our other allies and partners in Europe to uphold Europe’s own stated energy and security goals.”

“Don’t you think it’s bit disingenuous to claim credit for the 18 companies winding down?” AP reporter Matt Lee fired back. “All of this work was done in the previous administration, and you guys have only been … in office for a month. Right? Are you telling me that in the last four weeks, these 18 companies all of a sudden decide to say, ‘Oh my God! We better not do anything with Nord Stream 2.'”

“All of that, you guys are taking credit for stuff that the previous administration did!” Lee continued. “No?”

“Matt, I am speaking for the Department of State,” Price claimed. “The people who have been working this, the people who are working this now, we’re the same people a month ago, were the same people three months ago, three months ago.”


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Fake news!!! Everyone knows an AP reporter wouldn't give the previous Administration credit for anything.
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It's no worse than saying Trump had no plan, and there were no vaccinations previous to Biden.