Well that was fast…


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Had the dog outside on a walk, skies greyed, wind picked up, we just got back inside when the sky dumped like a waterfall.

And now it’s all over.


the poor dad
I don’t want to hear this – I’m just now getting back in the field to plant soybeans today after the 2 inches of rain last week. Doesn’t look like I will finish before this next rain moves through.


the poor dad
.7" of rain here that we didn't really need just yet. Not a lot of thunder or lightning.


Just sneakin' around....
Drove to Waldork and back, got some heavy rain, but never heard/saw a single clap of thunder/lightning.


Power with Control
The first two hours of my ride to Bensalem PA were great..... Things devolved after that..... Good thing the hotel has a laundry room with a dryer, and that I brought a second pair of gloves.... My mesh jacket will go in the dryer. The gloves not so much....
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