West World


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I thought the show got in its own way starting with the second half of Season 1 thru the end of Season 2. Still liked it though. Watched the first episode of Season 3 (planning on getting back to it) to see which way the season goes ('cause it does have potential).

There's more to the story than appears at first viewing. That's what I mean by it got in its own way: got so convoluted that it turned off audiences. Good shows can be complicated, but not Lost-stupid. And that's what West World unfortunately seems to be heading toward....

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We made it maybe halfway through Season 1 and bagged it.

That's a shame - the first season was ok. I was totally taken by surprise when I found out that there were two timelines and you realize that the Man in Black - is an older William.

But I lost interest after the second season - it just got too convoluted to enjoy anymore.

I did kind of want to know, though - how FREAKING BIG can this place be without being on another planet?