What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving


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That I am just 1 week shy of 6 1/2 years post-surgery for the pancreatic cancer, with no signs of active disease.

That I am still happily married to my college sweetheart.

That I have family and friends who love me, and sometimes even like me.

That I have a wealth of good memories revolving around family and friends.


happy to be living
I am thankful for every day that I wake up alive. Arthritis slows me down but it is manageable. I am thankful for some of my family, my husband, all of my friends and animals. I am thankful to have a fridge and cupboards full of good foods and the ability to buy more when needed. The same with having a reliable car and the money to put fuel in it. I am thankful that we heat with wood and keeping warm this winter will not be a burden. We are not rich but have plenty.

Every day is new and special and I find something to feel blessed for every single day. Life is good.


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That the 25 pound turkey I bought for 11 people turned out perfect and everything else did too and my parents came to our house for the feast and hemroid hauler hasnt been heard from


If I may ...
If I may ...

I am thankful for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. For without them, and their puppeteers, there would be no great awakening. No massive ground-swelling of active and grassroots attempts of saving of our beloved Republic, coming from all sides of the political spectrum. Yup. That's what I'm thankful for, no matter the temporary pain and angst they cause.