What If?


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What if the Bird wasn't Free?
What if you weren't Welcome to the Jungle?
What if the Sandman couldn't Enter?
What if the Doves didn't cry?

What if the Rain was Fuscha?


Darwin was right
What if you could leave the Hotel California? What if we did start the fire? What if I didn't see her standing there? What if it wasn't ironic? What if I wasn't glad all over? What if I wasn't a carpenter.


Awww, jeez
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What if love won't keep us together?

What if the cat wasn't in the cradle?

What if you could touch this?

What if the boots weren't made for walking?

Are you still reading this?

What if you could hurry love?

What if it wasn't just my imagination?

What if I can't see clearly now?