What is life....


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No, not the George Harrison song.
Probably the one question that has puzzled many forever is why are we here? Are We born to die? To reproduce to only repeat? The mission??

No, I'm no theologian, no scientist but there has to be an answer. Maybe not.

And, the temperature sensor on my truck is defective.


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Of course we're not born to die, we're born to do a bunch of chit and then die. And the chit you do is what defines your legacy and can give you everlasting life if you do it right.

You don't have to be an Aristotle or a Cicero or a Caesar to have everlasting life. A kindness that you showed someone, maybe without even realizing it, will have an effect on their life. Then they build on the kindness you showed them and pass it on to others. And before you know it you've created a legacy without even realizing you did it.

There have been many times that someone has affected my life profoundly, and they didn't even know it. Lizz, who showed up at the greenhouse with her RV and stories of full time life on the road. The teacher in high school who gave me my love of history. The uncle who walked me through song lyrics. The real estate agent who complained about all those trips she was making to BRAC expos. Countless others who didn't know that their random comments would light a fire in me and change my life.

As they influenced me, so you are influencing others every day and that is your purpose.