What is the one ingredient that you always ask to be omitted from a dish?


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For me it's green pepper. :dead:

And if they can't leave off the gp, like it's already cooked into the dish, I order something else.


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Nothing I can think of, but if it comes with some kind of sauce or dressing, I always ask for it on the side. Salads, gravies, etc... I like being able to taste the dish I asked for rather than the drowning sauce.
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Sour cream. My kids love it, but always go bonkers over something in the fridge that is expired.


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Yellow & red bell peppers. Yellow peppers have a waxy consistency. I don't like a ton of cherry tomatoes in my salad. 2-3 are fine.
I don't like low & no fat versions of something tasty. Like ranch dressing.


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I did ask one time for a dish to be altered for me. It was a seafood platter with shrimp, scallops, rockfish, and crab. I asked if they could replace the crab with any other seafood. The waiter looked at me like I had 2 heads🤷

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Mushrooms, Olives, Mayo, relish, pickles, any sauce on the side and banana peppers are all first...
Plain with lettuce and cheese...