What is the one thing...


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Topo Gigio's cousin?
It is a Mexican carbonated water used to make a drink called "Texas Ranch Water". 1 part tequila, one part lime juice (not the sweetened stuff, fresh lime juice) and top off with Topo Chico. Adjust to your personal taste. Very refreshing and tasty.


the poor dad
until 2 months ago, I had to have plenty of coffee but I’ve finally eliminated that from my diet. Lately I’ve been keeping an adequate supply of Jameson Irish whiskey, deodorant, body wash, and shampoo - in that order. I’ve always kept a decent supply of red wine, but if I run out of that and can’t find it in the stores, I have a brother that will hook me up.


Besides necessities such as Heinz Ketchup... what is one or so things you find yourself picking up extra of because you know you would keep you a bit saner when the looming supply chain fiasco goes full force? For me it is coffee and tea bags. I want my morning coffee and I want my unsweetened iced tea... take that, Brandon!
Toilet paper.
I learned my lesson last year.

Also Frank's Hot Sauce. I put that #### on everything.