What to grill???

Burn, baby burn...

  • Not steak, just ain't feeling it...

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  • ...chicken....maybe need a break from it???

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  • sausage/keilbasa

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  • dogs and burgers

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  • fish??? Nah.....

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  • ?????

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For something quick, I'd say steak. slice up some onions, and mushrooms, place in aluminum foil, spray lightly with some oil.


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We're doing burgers and dogs.

and potato salad

and sliced tomatoes

and green beans.

Oh, and blackberry pie.


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you can grill chicken SO many different ways !!! I love it marinated in Italian dressing. I also love a chipotle pepper marinade then bbq it.

I'm currently thinking about a teriyaki marinated pork loin to grill :yay:


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Family reunion food! A fried chicken wing, a bit of cheesy potatoes, a couple BBQ Little Smokies wrapped in bacon, a bit of sausage & peppers and that wasnt even half the food - I couldn't try it all. I also had to try a half piece of homemade cherry and homemade lemon meringue pie... because they are my favorite and were homemade. :eek:ink: