What To Make Of This...?


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Did I post here correctly? Or should I have posted this in the car/auto sub-topic? Or perhaps, weather? Or human interest? Or "current issues"?

What I do know is that the story is oh-so-California.

An unidentified South Lake Tahoe, California woman trapped in her snowed-covered car was dug out by authorities after a snowplow collided with her buried vehicle.

The woman's vehicle was parked illegally, and authorities believe she was living out of her car. After heavy snow buried her vehicle on Feb. 17, a snowplow making a routine patrol hit the hidden vehicle, popping open its trunk. Plow operators dismounted their vehicle and began shoveling away at the snow surrounding the car, preparing to tow it, when one noticed a hand on the window.
Link: Woman Living in Illegally-Parked, Snow-Buried Car Rescued After Being Hit by Snowplow

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