What was your very first job?


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1967 - 13 years old - seafood joint kitchen/shrimp veiner, deep fryer - .75 per hour. Neighborhood cats would wait for me to get home. To this day I can't stand cats.


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12 years old...babysitting for my bratty cousins. just kidding, only one was bratty. Next, behind the snack bar at Clinton Bowling alley in 71.


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Started cutting neighbors grass at about 7, but my first real job was cutting, spearing and hanging tobacco. I got paid 35 cents an hour and thought I was going to be rich!!!!


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Besides helping my Mom do babysitting, my first 'real' job was at the fabric counter/craft department at Woolco.


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Busboy/Dishwasher at a busy truck stop diner. Owner used to pay me in singles and always tried to short change me, like I couldn't count!


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Cutting grass and general upkeep of the grounds at St. John's school and church when I was 12 for $2.50 an hour. I also started doing hay/straw and tobacco for the Hollywood farmers at 12 for $4.50. My first job where I had to claim taxes was a dish washer for St. Mary's Hospital at 16 for a whopping $6.75. You would be shocked at what the patients and nurses send down on those trays sometimes.


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After babysitting. A telemarketer with several of my friends. We about gave our supervisor a nervous breakdown. :lol: